RICH REVIEWS: Silver Vessels

Title: Silver Vessels (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Katia Vecchio
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Price: $ 9.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Josh, Hope, and Hunter all go on vacation. These young kids are after adventure and Josh is interested in finding treasure. They get a huge beautiful beach to play on. Hunter loves it. Josh has two loving Grandfathers here to watch over them.
So the three start on their treasure hunt from a sunken ship. There is only one problem the Apex is a group of men after the Silver Vessels the treasure and they do not play nice.
This story does get into the sexual orientation of these three teens. One is straight, one is gay and one is nonbinary. The straight one has two grandfathers that are married to each other. For the teens, it is about them discovering who they are. The gay boy has a crush on the straight boy and the straight boy has a crush on the nonbinary girl who does not feel the same about him. So there is sure to be lots of drama. First and foremost they are friends.
The teens do enjoy themselves on their treasure hunt. Apex steps in and starts working with the teens. What these three adventurers find you will not believe. It is the find of the century. Then they continue on their quest and find another amazing discovery.
The sexuality part of this story has as a background to the treasure hunting.
The Aprex act is big and powerful yet comes across as jerks of little importance. Their shark-type helmets are just weird-looking and out of place.
So everyone finds the last spot for treasure, which is just as amazing as the others. Things here have a way of working out.
This is an all-ages book suitable for anyone and the subject of one’s sexuality is handled in a well-written way to make it understandable for all.
The art is for all ages as well and it is presented in a fun enjoyable way.
The three teens also find themselves expressing their feelings and everyone is fine with that.

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