RICH REVIEWS: Signed C: the missing

Title: Signed C: the missing (TPB)
Publisher: Wayward Raven
Writers: Mark C. Frankel, Joshua L.A. Jones
Artist: Wayne A. Brown
Colors: Martin Silva, Chunlin Zhao
Letters: Carey Kelly, Taylor Esposito
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: This collects issues one through six of the series.
Chapter One: Vanished.
There are lots of big-bosomed women that are illustrated lovely. Then we focus on CeeCee who is she and how does she know these Gods she visits. CeeCee is looking for a missing girl, Perdita. Why though?
CeeCee knows the Gods of ancient Greece. She also has the power or ability to transport herself between Earth and the realm of the Gods.
You are left wondering what is the point of this story?
Chapter Two: The Huntress.
Ok, CeeCee is probably Circe. She does find her Aunt Artemis after hunting with some lions. The animals are wonderfully illustrated.
Perdita the girl she is looking for is a client. So what is CeeCee’s business that she has clients? It would be nice to know.
Chapter Three: Hath no Fury.
Here we see Circe’s past and her having a baby. Yes, she changed some sailors into pigs as well. Why she went to Olympus here though is a mystery. Things need to be explained a lot better.
Chapter Four: A Musing Encounters. The Muse Agency is up to something sinister. Again though it would be nice to know what or at least be given a clue. The Muses are turning people gray using magic but why are they doing it?
Chapter Five: Once More Into The Breach.
Here Circe confronts Odysseus. The legions of Hades are unleashed against Odysseus’s forces. Odysseus is then confronted by his and Circle’s son.
Final Chapter: Reckonings.
Here father vs son and then father vs mother. The outcome a TV show about Gods hosted by a Goddess. It is weird the direction the story takes. It makes no sense.
The back of the book and at the end of each chapter there are some beautifully done full page art pages. These pages do portray the characters as divine.

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