RICH REVIEWS: Side-Kicked Vol 1.5 Expanded Edition

Sidekicked Vol1.5 Cover
Sidekicked Vol1.5 Cover

Title: Side-Kicked Vol 1.5 Expanded Edition
Publisher: Darby Pop
Created by: Russel Brettholtz and Miguel Mendonca
Written by: Russel Brettholtz
Art by: Miguel Mendonca, Bong Dezo
Inks by: Glauber Matos, Miguel Mendonca, Rick Ketcham
Colors by: Sara Machajewski
Lettering by: HdE
Trade Design by: Steve Blackwell
Credits Page Art by: Kirk Van Wormer
Cover by: Douglas A. Sirois
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter One” A group of Side-Kicks gets together kind of as a support group for each other. Being a Side-Kick is not all about the glory of hanging out with a super-hero. They feel under appreciated and they are.
With Mr. Marvelous and Phantasm the divide between hero and side-kick is obvious. The Scepter and Atlas also shows us that heroes are not as good at being heroes as some side-kicks are.
Captain Celebrity and Mustang shows us that a hero does not care so much about being a hero as being a celebrity.
Phantasm aka Richard and Mustang aka Dan are both fed up with how Side-Kicks are treated and they decide to do something about it.
The heroes and side-kicks are all illustrated to show them to best effect. They are all drawn heroic in action. The Side-Kicks in their civilian identities are drawn as just ordinary guys and gals.
“Chapter Two” The heroes without their side-kicks who are on strike find they need their side-kicks. They were not there just to hang out, they were a vital part of the team. The city and the heroes are finally starting to realize it.
The attacks on the heroes lead by the Board of Directors a super villain group works well without the side-kicks around. The attacks are drawn great and with wonderful scenes of the bad guys.
“Chapter Three” A lot of the side-kicks time is spent in a bar. It is a good meeting place. They are staying firm.
Meanwhile, the villains continue to take out the heroes.
Finally, the heroes realize as well as the people of the city that they need their side-kicks.
The side-kicks are back and ready to make a difference again.
“Chapter Four” Here the Side-Kicks take charge and lead an assault on the super villains. Teamwork works. Side-Kicks can be heroes too.
It is great seeing the Side-Kicks united and taking down the big bad guys. The action is drawn great in the scenes of battle.
“Pick (UP) A Card” Written by Richard Casey, art by Gary Deslauriers, letters by Troy Peteri and associate editor Kristine Chester.
The Flying Fox and Jolt take on Trick Deck. The way the Flying Fox treats Jolt his side-kick is awful. The Flying Fox does have an attitude. He does make a good hero though. The art is done in a rough style. The use of powers here is shown off well.
“Gauntlet” Written by Adam Breen, pencils and inks by Steven Defendini, colors by Juancho Velez, letters by Troy Peteri and associate editor Kristine Chester.
Atalanta and Frostbite’s first meeting happens here. She is a superhero and she wants a partner. She gets one in more ways than one. As she tests him he passes and the action is fast and furious. Atalanta puts him through her paces. She picked a winner. Both these characters come across as heroes. The giant boar is amazingly illustrated. It is a creature to be feared.
Side-Kicks are just as good as the heroes they work with not for. They deserve respect and to be treated like a hero too. That is the message here and it is right.

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