RICH REVIEWS: Sian: The Eye of Jar-Jargathar # 1

Title: Sian: The Eye of Jar-Jargathar # 1
Publisher: Craig A. Taillefer
Story & Art: Craig A. Taillefer
Price: free
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sian is a thief and a lovely looking one at that. Sian’s selling of her ill gotten gains does not go well. Sian though is shown as a girl who can take care of herself. One big bruiser learns that a blade beats a fist.
Sian meets a wizard who promises her what she wants more than anything else. She just has to steal something for him. As she does so we are treated to a couple lovely butt shots. Sian does return to the wizard. Sian’s personality is one of being concerned for herself and no one else. The wizard as well is only out for himself.
The other wizard watching Sian has plans of his own as well.
Sian is a lovely head strong girl who just needs to believe more in herself.
After the story we are treated to some beautiful pin-up art of Sian. She is one beautiful woman.

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