RICH REVIEWS: Sheena Volume 2 # 2

Title: Sheena Volume 2 # 2
Publisher: Dynamite
Written by: Stephen Mooney
Art by: Jethro Morales
Color: Dinei Ribeiro
Cover: Lucio Parrillo
Variant Covers: Rose Besch, Arthur Suydam, Joseph Michael Linsner
Sheena Reboot by: Steven E. De Souza
Sheena Orinally Created by: S.M. “Jerry” Iger and Will Eisner
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sheena is in a fight for her life against a huge glowing jungle cat. She still has time to stick her butt out for a lovely butt shot. The eyes on this fierce cat say this is no ordinary beast. The security team shows up and they are locked and loaded and it does not help them at all.
The corporation Cardwell Industries is behind this biodome and they are up to something underhanded. The great cat is acting weirdly towards Sheena. She kills others yet with Sheena she does not go for the kill. Why? What is going on here?
Sheena does look beautiful and the creature she faces is so powerfully drawn. Yet the mystery of what is going on here and what Cardwell Industries is hiding is what makes the story interesting.
There needs to be more happening. Which might happen once the mysteries are revealed.
Sheena’s attitude is lovely to see. She is one tough jungle girl.

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