RICH REVIEWS: Sheena Volume 2 # 1

Title: Sheena Volume 2 # 1
Publisher: Dynamite
Written by: Stephen Mooney
Art by: Jethro Morales
Color: Dinei Ribeiro
Cover: Lucio Parrillo
Variant Covers: Rose Besch, Arthur Suydam, Joseph Michael Linsner
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Well Sheena wakes up naked in bed which is a nice way to start off this new series. Then she finds out why she was kidnapped, a part of the story that is skipped over and not explained at all. Sheena is then coerced into helping her hated enemy.
Sheena is taken back to her jungle Val Verda to help her enemy with her business and also maybe save a few people and animals including her friends.
Sheena is in the jungle by the biodome and she is drawn as a creature of such beauty it is breathtaking.
On-site Sheena moves quickly looking for the threat. A lot of suspense is generated very fast. The treat, once it appears, makes it easy to see how all the killings happened. This creature is a powerhouse of bloodthirsty death. Sheena is a fighter and native of the jungles so she is ready for most any threat yet this thing is not normal or native to any habitat.
Sheena here is in for the battle of her life and it may just cost her her life.

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