RICH REVIEWS: Shark of War #7 Ashcan

Title: Shark of War # 7 Ashcan
Publisher: Biting Comics
Created by: Ben Lacy
Story: Ben Lacy
Art: Harshstroke
Coloring: Anton Polknovski
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: www.biting
Comments: Lupita is shown and we get a brief look at her and a few people that work for her. She is not a nice person.
Gnasher is drawn with some expressions on his face as he fights. The underwater art of these sea creatures is well done. Gnasher is the main focus as he should be. He is made to stand out so you will know he is the star here.
Gnasher has changed over the issues he is now more intelligent. Plus the artist now it makes a noticeable difference. Some ways better some not.
This Ashcan is short it does give you some insight as to what is going on. Lupita is filled with hatred towards Gnasher she wants him dead.
If you like sharks and other aquatic animals and war this is for you. Gnasher is one dangerous shark yet here you see his humanity. He can be slowed down, he worries about his health, and you begin to think of him as much as a person as a shark.
Here the other characters are not used much as Gnasher is the main focus. This shark needs to get back to full power so he is ready for the next attack.

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