RICH REVIEWS: Shark Of War # 5

Title: Shark Of War # 5
Publisher: Biting Comics
Creator/Writer/Artist: Ben Lacy
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 14.00 US, Digital $ 5.00 US
Comments: Marisa and a solder Ensign Calder are going to help out Gnasher. When he hands her the boat key it is so small normal size is like four times as big.
Gnasher as we see him is in a battle for his life he faces insurmountable odds. The action scene is alive with violence. Gnasher has been upgraded though and is ready. Gnasher does fight but he also uses his intelligence. When it comes to combat Gnasher just keeps coming. He is a one shark killing machine.
After the battle is won and Daniel and Ms. Marisa Aguaro go home they are still in danger and who should come to the rescue. Yes its Gnasher.
The colors are really well done throughout this book. They are vibrant. The different shades of color blend so well into each other. The clothing Marisa wears helps accentuate her natural beauty.
Gnasher is incredible as you see him drawn here. He is a shark first and foremost and next you see the weapons and than you realize this is an intelligent creature he thinks and reasons. The teeth are vicious thinks which you do get to see used. Gnasher does feed.
The US Navy ships are illustrated with lots of detail to them.
This comic does end just how it should have and it also sets up perfectly for the next arc in the series.

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