RICH REVIEWS: Shark Of War # 4

Title: Shark Of War # 4
Publisher: Biting Comics
Creator/ Writer/ Artist: Ben Lacy
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 14.00 US, Digital $ 5.00 US
Comments: It is so nice to see Gnasher recovered and just playing. He is a killing weapon yet he does have a personality and feelings. He is like a good friend that you care about. Then we see how he thinks and you know he is a killer and wants revenger on Dr. Douglas. The art on Gnasher is frightening in how it shows him. Yes, he is a shark but no ordinary one.
Marisa’s female endowments are drawn to stand out here. The striped shirt really does that to great effect.
Lobo is one mean sadistic killer he enjoys murdering. With his armed ship and the swarm, he is the most dangerous thing on the water. Well maybe?
Gnasher gets an upgrade here and he is more ready than ever to face any threat. Even thousands of flying piranha, two Blackhawks, and a heavy-armed ship. Can even Gnasher with his improvements handle all this?
You will never look at open water the same again. If you happen to see a shark with rockets and guns attached to it well stay out of its way.

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