RICH REVIEWS: Shark At War #2

Title: Shark Of War # 2
Publisher: Biting Comics
Creator/Writer/Artist: Ben Lacy
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 14.00 US, Digital $ 5.00 US
Website: , bitingcomics
Comments: The ocean scene of sharks feeding on an Orca is beautifully illustrated. The ocean’s colors are perfect and the sharks have a nice amount of detail with the grey shading making them look realistic.
The way the shark USS Gnasher thinks is uniquely done. You will admire and fear him. He does have an oddly cute sense of humor.
A Navy Seal Team is in trouble and Gnasher is there. Adding one killer shark with augmentations does make one huge difference.
The art is stunning throughout this issue. The helicopters and ships you have to see, the Black Hawk helicopter is done so realistically.
The shark Gnasher meets a swarm of piranha this is a battle you do not want to miss. Both are furious hunters. The primal beauty of predictors acting as their instincts direct plus pushed even more through genetic manipulation. These are killing machines in motion.
What is Directive 21?
The people involved here are secondary to the fish. Gnasher is the main star and he is far more than any ordinary shark.
This story delivers action, drama, mystery and so much more. There is a new terror on the oceans and Gnasher is ready to bite you.

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