RICH REVIEWS: Shark At War #1

Title: Shark At War #1
Publisher: Biting Comics
Creator/Writer/Artist: Ben Lacy
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 14.00 US, Digital $ 5.00 US
Comments: As the shark attacks it is gory as this rocket strapped shark does strike. The shark does look amazing in the water. It moves with purpose while attacking.
The shark finds a boy Daniel and he returns Daniel to his sister Marisa. The interaction with Daniel shows the shark’s intentions are good. This shark is a force for good on the seas which leads to some people not liking it enough to want it dead.
We get a look at USS Gnasher’s origin. This shark went through a lot to become as he now is. The art does illustrate that this shark is a killing weapon. It has guns and blades and it has a killer instinct.
The story is like a B horror movie. This comic would make a great B movie.
USS Gnasher does so much good he likes feeding on drug smugglers and other criminals.
Dr. Brooke Douglas and her piranha will leave you wanting even more tan the armed shark. You will be coming back for piranha vs shark.
There is a complete rundown on who is who and what they are up to. You will definitely know all the players.
USS Gnasher now this shark is the main character and it does think. As USS Gnasher thinks you will start to find yourself drawn to him. Yes, it is a killer shark yet it thinks and feels. It just wants to do the right thing. If that is feeding on criminals so be it.

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