RICH REVIEWS: Shadow Justice # 1

Title: Shadow Justice # 1
Publisher: Genefex Gallery
Writers: Joshua Amangala, Randy Ephraim
Pencils: Kurdlayefah Owugan, Tenald Kadilobari, (Jenz Kadis), Joshua Amangala
Inks: Douglas Oruambo
Colors: Kurolayefah Owugan, Joshua Amangala
Price: 300.00 Naira / $ .99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter One: The Awakening”
In Malta City, Rivers State
The coloring is done in a beautiful wash style. The lightning looks amazing as it strikes. A man finds an object which will change his life. Ephraim Baloguin gets super charged on some form of energy. This scene is exciting as you watch the birth of a super-hero.
In the city a huge hulking blue skinned creature is on a rampage. He is after Ephraim or so it seems. Things are not made very clear. We are shown a few of the supporting characters yet their roles are not made clear.
The art style has a unique look that does a fair job of showcasing the characters. It does fit this genre of comic and the people shown in it. Captain-J is briefly shown.
It seems that this is the start to a gathering of super-heroes.

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