RICH REVIEWS: Sexpot # 1

Title: Sexpot # 1
Publisher: Carnal Comics
Writer/Artist/Cover: Lyndal Ferguson
Price: $ 2.50 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a adults only comic. There is nudity and sex in it.
“The Thrill Kill Pills” A wife has sex with a Private Detective and while they are doing it he takes a case to find a father’s daughter. The story is short and continued next issue. The art is fairly simple with very little to it.
“The Terrible” In this one page story the police man who is a real pig/man is drawn well. The ending delivers a cute sight gag.
“Marilyn Goes To A Naked Library” In 2020 all library employees must be hot young females and work naked. It definitely would increase people going to libraries. It is a cute story. The art uses to much black filler. The librarian is cute though.
“Lyndal Ferguson draws a number of pin-ups.
“Kid Sexx” Annie goes to a bar and one thing leads to another and she gets sold as a sex slave. She has to battle a horny transvestite robot to escape. Lots of nudity in this story. The art gets better as the story progresses. The Harley Skyjacker 5000 she rides off on is a beautiful thing as is a pants less Annie mounted on it.

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