RICH REVIEWS: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: ANTARCTICA

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: ANTARCTICA
Produced and Directed by: Fredi Devas
Photography by: John Aitchison, Alexander Vail, Hugh Miller, Rolf Steinman, Mark MacEwen, John Brown, Espen Rekdal, Bertie Gregory, Dan Beecham, Justin Hofman, Robert Hawthorne
Run Time: 51 min, 34 sec
Airs: Saturday, February 22 at 9/8c
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This series will explore the seven continents; Antarctica, South America, Africa, North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. The photography is stunning it is the first thing you notice and the narrators voice delivers as it holds you making you want to listen to his every word.
Antarctica is up first. It is a hostile place to survive in.
The Wendell Seal is an amazing creature. They have to push themselves especially the pups to live.
King Penguins live here as well. There are a lot of them.
The Bull Seals are huge animals. You would not want to get anywhere near two of them while they are butting heads.
Humpback Whales here they look amazing.
This episode does not only entertain you but it also informs you.
Albatross are shown as well and the close ups are unbelievable. Cold, wind and storms make it so hard on them.
Orca are magnificent creatures. The scene here is thrilling as we see them hunting.
Leopard Seal’s hunt King Penguins. Their interplay is something you do not want to miss seeing.
Below the surface of the ice life is teeming.
Humans have devastated the whales but with most countries banning their hunting they have a chance.
The camera takes you right up close so you feel like you are really there. This show is truly amazing.

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