RICH REVIEWS: Seven Secrets # 1

Title: Seven Secrets # 1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Tom Taylor
Illustrated by: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colored by: Walter Baiamonte
Color Assistance by: Katia Ranalli
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Created by: Tom Taylor & Daniele Di Nicuolo
Cover by: Daniele Di Nicuolo with Colors by Walter Baiamonte
Variant Covers by: Inhyuk Lee, Matteo Scalera with Colors by Moreno Dinisio, Miguel Mercado, Tony Sklepic, Frany with Design by Dylan Todd, Jung-Geun Yoon, Kael Ngu, Kael Ngu, Qistina, Khalidah
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The beginning here does get you wondering what the secrets are.
Seven guardians guard the seven secrets. Others want those secrets. Two of the guardians now they had time for other pursuits which is how Eva and Sigurd had a child. Siguard named the child Caspar. Caspar is the narrator of the story.
Sigurd was not allowed to love his son Caspar yet he did. His first love was to the secret and protecting it. Sigurd gives his all to protect the secret. What is the secret? That is never revealed. Nor is who the other six protectors and holders are.
In this issue we do not even get see Caspar other than as a new born so it will have you wondering what he looks like.
The art is alright but nothing really stands out about it. All the main characters are introduced. The villain seems like an ok kind of guy. He does not come across as evil. Eva does care about the secret yet with her she also cares about people. Her number one thing is suppose to be the secret over all else.
This is the start to a adventure filled with secrets that you will be craving answers to.

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