RICH REVIEWS: Serving Supes # 7

Title: Serving Supes # 7
Publisher: Devils Due /1First Comics, LLC
Co-Creator/Writer/Artist/Cover: Matt Yuan
Co-Creator/Artist/Cover: John Yuan
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Cheech and Liz double date. Cheech has a nice young lady Candi with him well maybe to young for him. Liz’s date Alex looks and acts like a goth, she is still cute though.
Manhunter is a super-hero who patrols the streets. He picks up a sidekick in training.
Cheech or is his name Lester? The story leaves you unsure.
The double date goes pretty much how you would expect it to. People really should treat others better.
The characters are fun and cute. So seeing these two interacting is great to see but the story well there needs to be one. Why are these people doing the things they are? What is their purpose? Why should we care about them?
Manhunter looks the part and acts the part with humor thrown in to make her a fun character. She is drawn as if she could be one tough butt kicking super-hero.

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