RICH REVIEWS: Section 12: Flashback # 2

Title: Section 12: Flashback # 2
Publisher: Lenovations Press
Story, Colors, Lettering: Len Mihalovich
Pencils and Inks: Phil Miller
Cover Colors: Michael Kelleher
Back Cover: Josh C. Lyman, Len Mihalovich
Coloring Assistant: Lawrence Guerrero
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: There is a facility where people with abilities are held, prisoner. The Chief Administrator Whitney is a real hard butt. The staff and patients are drawn with stunning expressions and overall they just jump out at you.
The story needs more of an explanation. The knight from ancient times is illustrated just right. The way he talks is perfect to match up with him. But why and how did he get to the present?
Ok as the story progresses you can start to piece it together if you pay attention. Section 12 has a team assembled of four people with special abilities to go out and fix things that go wrong such as letting dinosaurs roam freely in the present.
The team is shown as a bunch of amateurs fighting the Dinosaur and knight.  They are just put together and having them having trouble working as a team makes sense.
Miss Fire has a name that does not fit as well as you might expect. Tyler’s ability is a mystery. Nite-Fall looks the most like a super-hero and acts it. The other member of the team is some kind of security guy has name is never mentioned.
There is mysteries here which will pique your interest.

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