RICH REVIEWS: Scout’s Honor

Title: Scout’s Honor (TP)
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Story by: David Prepose
Art by: Luca Casalanguida
Colors by: Matt Milla
Letters by: Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by: Brent Schoonover, Andy Clarke, Jose Villarrubia
Price $ 16.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This collects issues one through five of the series.
The Ranger Scouts of America have come into a future where things are about surviving. Scouts are prepared to fight. We see them in action against a Gamma Boar this thing is huge and deadly.
Scout Kit does uphold the morals and laws of the scouts. The Scout laws are not your boy scout’s laws these are meant for surviving in a world that does push hard Kit though pushes harder.
Kit though has a secret.
Highway Men are a lawless bunch. They are illustrated as rough and tough.
Kit now does find out secrets to go with her secret. She finds out things that she may not want to know or that the Ranger Scouts may not as it may shack them to their very foundations. What will she do with this information?
Kit is a strong character who does draw your attention. Her personality is wonderful and this Scout is a visual delight. Scouts are who all others look up to here and they are the protectors. Kit is one of the best of them.
As Kit recounts why he wants to be a Ranger Scout. To Kit, it is all about protecting others and helping them.
Kit with his best friend and fellow Ranger Scout have a moment together. Then you know what hits the fan. Kit reacts fast to an attack. You get a look at the aftermath of Kit’s attack and you will know Kit is to be feared.
What makes Kit just an endearing character is her heart. She is what we all want to be. Kit is brave, heroic, filled with emotions of loyalty and love. She is loved.
The Highway Men they villains in this series are like something out of a Mad Max movie.
The Rangers Scouts here are like a combination of the Boy Scouts and a Military group. They are combat-ready and trained to handle anything.
Kit and Dez are going to be going head to head in hard competition. This will be filled with drama, love, and a hard-fought victory after much hardship and struggle.
Kit is the person you want to be.
Kitt and Dez were best friends now that friendship is strained as they both compete against each other to become a part of the Eagle’s Guard. Kitt does come through proving himself a true scout and the best at surviving. The trails Kitt goes through are tough and push him and anyone who takes them to their limits.
This issue is thrilling intense action-packed that has Kitt facing his hardest challenges. Then Kitt has his beliefs shaken to his very core. Everything she believed in is not true. How will this affect her as her whole world turns against her? She has lost everything.
Here we see what the Boy Scouts might become in a post-apocalyptic world. The Scouts here are the best fighters and they live by a code.
The fight scenes are exciting. The Suicide Wasps are a nightmare for any who encounters them.
Kitt is the star and she will win you over with her attitude and general outlook on life. She never gives up.
Kit’s secret comes out. Kit’s whole world has come down around him. Everything has changed now. Kit is still a Ranger Scout though even if all they represent is a lie. Kit now finds herself all alone and in the deadly Badlands.
As Kit finds himself in the Badlands almost immediately she is attacked. The Hellspider is a hideous beast hellbent on Kit’s demise. Kit has lost the will to fight. She needs it to survive.
Kit by following her training as a Ranger Scout does go on. She is prepared for anything. Kit having found out the truth about the Ranger Scouts leads to so much more for her. Her whole world has now changed.
The art shows us a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters and the people that have survived it. Kit is illustrated as a girl with a tough edge to her. You know right away she is a fighter. In this world, the Ranger Scouts are the best survivors and Kit is the or was the best Ranger Scout. She is a survivor.
The Scout Master is sexist he and others believe women should not be Scouts. Even though Kit has proven herself.
Kit vs Dez has these two protagonists going head to head. Dez is going all out while Kit still seems to be holding back.
As this comic ends, it does throw in some unexpected curves. The Scout Master was a backward-thinking man. He was stuck in the past not willing to move forward. Dez now does show his true colors here and it is good to see he is open to improving his way of thinking. The Scout Master Dez’s father is so closed off to any new ways.
It is great to watch Kit leading the attack for truth. She believes that people are what should be fought for now not the way of life but the actual living life.
This future world has fighters and it is great to see them not fighting each other but fighting for their future and the future of the planet.

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