RICH REVIEWS: Scout’s Honor # 1

Title: Scout’s Honor # 1
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Story by: David Prepose
Art by: Luca Casalanguida
Colors by: Matt Milla
Letters by: Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by: Brent Schoonover, Andy Clarke, Jose Villarrubia
Variant Cover by: Brent Schoonover
Price $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Ranger Scouts of America have come into a future where things are about surviving. Scouts are prepared to fight. We see them in action against a Gamma Boar this thing is huge and deadly.
Scout Kit does uphold the morals and laws of the scouts. The Scout laws are not your boy scout’s laws these are meant for surviving in a world that does push hard Kit though pushes harder.
Kit though has a secret.
Highway Men are a lawless bunch. They are illustrated as rough and tough.
Kit now does find out secrets to go with her secret. She finds out things that she may not want to know or that the Ranger Scouts may not as it may shack them to their very foundations. What will she do with this information?
Kit is a strong character who does draw your attention. Her personality wonderful and this Scout is a visual delight. Scouts are who all others look up to here and they are the protectors. Kit is one of the best of them.

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