RICH REVIEWS: School for Extraterrestrial Girls #1: Girl on Fire

Title: School for Extraterrestrial Girls #1: Girl on Fire (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Jamie Noguchi
Price: $ 12.99 US, $ 19.99 (HC)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Tara Smith has a lot of medical problems. She is a girl who is pushed to excel by her parents.
The art is simple and so is the writing making it easy to follow. This comic is aimed at younger female readers but anyone can enjoy it and should.
Tara knows she is meant for something extraordinary. Then one day after a series of bad luck incidents Tara does become a girl on fire literally. A lot more changes real fast in her life. Agent Stone becomes a part of her life as well.
Headmistress Fiona Parker runs the school for these extraterrestrial girls. Here Tara gets two roommates Summer and Misako. Tara makes one huge mistake in misjudging Summer. It is lovely seeing Agent Stone put her in her place.
At this school, the alien girls learn about themselves and how to fit in on Earth. There is drama too. Summer is suffering from Tara’s reaction to her. Tara is learning about how she sees herself and others and about accepting people for who they are.
Tara finally talks to Summer and they makeup and become good friends and Kat a cat type alien joins them. More drama and excitement ensue as Tara’s parents/kidnappers come after her. With the help of friends, Tara makes it through.
This book is a coming of age story that gets you involved in Tara’s life and you see her emotions come into play. Her life may be in danger yet her life has changed for the better. She has grown in maturity.
This book is also about acceptance. You should accept who you are and that you are different than anyone else and that is fine.

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