RICH REVIEWS: Savage Dragon # 267

Title: Savage Dragon # 267
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist: Erik Larsen
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colors: Nikos Koutsis
Flats: Mike Toris
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a triple-sized 30th anniversary special and 100 pages long.
“We are Gathered Here Today–!” It was great seeing the original Officer Dragon in action. The art shows off his muscles and his partner Angel is a beautiful blonde superheroine.
Angel, Frank, Malcolm have had one twisted sex life and their kids will have you shaking your head at how they were born and from who.
As the cover shows there is a wedding and yes it is anything but normal. Lots of drama and surprises around every corner. This story also has topless females and sexual scenes so it is for a mature audience.
“Hearts of Stone” Story by Tom Pinchuk, Art by Nikos Koutsis, Color Flats by Mike Toris and Letters by Jack Morelli. North Force are taking on a planet of Stone Men. Jet and Rapture two members of the team realize it is a hopeless cause. Blue Jay, Grizzly, Flame Knight plus one more whose name is not mentioned and the leader of the team who is wearing a big maple leaf costume. The team are not used much in this short story. It is so short you do not get to learn much about anything or anyone.
“Gentrify” Story and Art by Simon Mallette St-Pierre. Amy, Jack and Tyrone Dragon these three children encounter bullies. Three super powered kids make this easy to see how it is going to go. The story does touch on a lot of real life situations. It adds fun and humor to them yet you still see them and realize how bad they can be.
“Deadline” Story by Gary Carlson, Art & Plot by Erik Larsen, and Inks & Letters by Sam Grainger. In an interview we learn all about Vanguard and about the reporter who has the hots for him.
Mighty Man and Vanguard are illustrated in a hard hitting battle.
“To Battle the Dragon” Writer & Artist Erik Larsen. Vanguard and Dragon here get into one slugfest that you know would hurt like hell. There is tons of hard hitting action and so well illustrated. The poses are exciting.
“Dungeons & Dragons” Vanguard the villian becomes Vanguard the hero. Vanguard, Dragon and Smasher get into the fight to end all fights battling a mob of super villians. Vanguard and company are part of a fun entertaining story. He is a nice guy for a big powerful alien.

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