RICH REVIEWS: Savage Dragon # 231 

Title: Savage Dragon # 231
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist/Cover: Erik Larsen
Letters: Ferran Delgado
Colors: Nikos Koutsis
Flats: Mike Toris
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Malcolm Dragon does have one interesting or rather a weird family. His half-brother may become his father-in-law. His wife is so small. The way she talks to her mother is forthright with no holding back.
Rapture is up to no good. Wherever she is there is one big surprise that appears. This surprise is long overdue.
A sex-doll commits a crime. She does get very violent.
This issue has full nudity so it is a mature title.
Then a whole bunch of sex-dolls attack Malcolm. They are all dressed sexy and they gang up on Malcolm. The fight though ends just as it is getting started so tune in next issue to actually see it.
Nothing is explained. Why are these sex-dolls attacking? Who is controlling them or are they now alive? What is Rapture up to? There is very little fighting art, for the most part, the characters are just standing or sitting around.
The backup story features Aquaria in “Mer-Made In America” with a script by Adam McGovern, art by Paolo Leandri, color by Dominic Regan, design Steve Price and Aquaria was created by McGovern & Leandri with Dean Haspiel.
Aquaria does save a woman from drowning. A woman that may be a mermaid? This story has three women sitting around talking and that is it. It needed more to it. The art was done ok but again it was only used to show three women sitting around. Aquaria is certainly a character that deserves to be explored more.

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