RICH REVIEWS: Savage Dragon # 217

8d055036-eabd-4c0a-9a9f-1bfe107a60e9-1166-0000012cff293bbf_tmpTitle: Savage Dragon # 217
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist/Cover: Eric Larsen
Letters: Rus Wooton
Colors: Nikos Koutsis
Flats: Mike Toris
Ant Created by: Mario Gully
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ant, Spawn and Dragon look great drawn together on a splash page. The three of them are leaping into action.
Spawn and Dragon are drawn muscluar and Ant is drawn well buld and with a nice butt. Ant for some reason does not use her antenie in battle. She should be. Plus she is just not drawn as a fighter.
Alzayah fights all three super-heroes. He is powerful but Dragon does not stop. Spawn though takes the fight to another level.
Ant is the best part of this comic. She just needs to be used better. She is drawn very nicely.
“Hooking the Red Hook” by Dean Haspiel. This is a story about love. It is not explained well at all. The characters are simple with no dimension to them. The art as well is simply done. This story is one where you ask yourself why was it even made.

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