RICH REVIEWS: Roman’s Rise # 1

Title: Roman’s Rise # 1
Publisher: Rogue Matter
Story by: Team Rogue
Script by: Michael Dolce
Art by: Jason Badower
Colors by: Annette Kwok
Price: free (digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: An army led by the Divine Holiness, Shen Wu finds itself in deadly peril as the army starts to kill all but under sisteen-year-old girls. Shen Wu just radiates evil and he wants Ren.
We skip to the present and Shanghai where Ren is. Also to Roman Rhodes who is looking for Ren. Your first impression of him from the art is that he is a wonderful guy. He is Ren’s brother-in-law.
As we see Ren in the States for the first time we see that she can kick butt. She and Roman became fast friends. The bond growing between them is made obvious here.
Roman is shown in a boxing match and you get to see how brutal he can be. He is building and skilled and thanks to Ren knows how to use them.
Shen Wu is still searching for Ren What does he need her for? That is a mystery. Some kind of prophecy is hinted at. Well, the prophecy is explained and Ren is in trouble. Shen Wu is coming for her.
Seven years pass as Ren is on the run and Roman her big bro well he is coming whether she wants him to or not and he is ready to kick butt. His attitude is one of love for his sis and one of he will do anything to protect her.
This is a perfect blend of kung fu and mysticism.

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