RICH REVIEWS: Road To Riverdale

Title: Road To Riverdale Volume One (GN)
Publisher: Archie Comics
Cover Art by: Francesco Francavilla
Featuring Stories by: Mark Waid, Chip Zdarsky, Adam Hughes, Marguerite Bennett, Cameron DeOrdio & Tom DeFalco
Art by: Fiona Staples, Erica Henderson, Adam Hughes, Audrey Mok, Sandy Jarrell, Andre Szymanowicz, Jose Villarrubia, Jen Vaughn, Kelly Fitzpatrick & Jack Morelli
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: These are stories that inspired CW’s new Riverdale TV series. These stories move Archie and the gang forward and into the present and the future. The New Riverdale is here.
Chapter One: Archie # 1
Archie is narrating the story. You will immediately notice changes to the Archie Universe. The basic look yes has changed and been updated. Also the storyline as well.
This issue does drop a bombshell on you. It is explosive. Even with the bombshell the story seems to start out slow. About half way through it picks up.
Archie finds his passion here.
There is a mystery as well that will definitely have you coming back to find the answer. Mark Waid does leave you hanging waiting for the answer.
The back up story here is from Pep Comics # 22, 1941 this is the very first ever Archie story by Bob Montana and Vic Bloom.
The art style and the look to the characters is different than what your used to. Archie you would hardly recognize if you did not know it was him. You see all the elements that you have come to love about Archie here. He will bring a smile to your face.
Chapter Two: Jughead # 1
Wow is Jughead violent in video games. He kills everything in sight whether he has to or not.
The art is done in a childish style. The characters look as much like children as teens.
Weatherbee and Grundy are certainly drawn different then you are used to. If you did not know it was them you would never recognize them. The same goes for Betty and Veronica except for their hair color.
Part of the story is done as a play on Game of Thrones. It is done with an Archie flare of course. Jughead is Jughead in any time so he just wants hamburgers in medieval times. The art on the faces is really plain. The dragon is not very impressive.
Chapter Three: Betty & Veronica # 1
Hotdog is the narrator of this issue. He is one cool canine.
Archie and Jughead are talking and the conversation goes to who would win in a fight Betty or Veronica?
The four friends are just hanging out. Hotdog does provide a brief assessment of the four friends. With Veronica though he has nothing. The other three are nice but Veronica is a mystery.
These friends do get along well even though they are all quite different in personalities.
In this issue they get a rallying theme. Save Pop’s the chocolate shop. Poor Pop Tate.
Wow you have to see Betty’s expression at this news. Adam Hughes does capture the ideal face of a determined Betty. His drawings are subdued and lightly colored. They give the characters a laid back feel most of the time. Not though in this scene. Betty as well is portrayed more violently in regards to comments that Jughead makes. Poor guy is her punching bag if he mouths off. She does have one killer right cross.
Page 19 and 20 they come out of left field the way they are handled. You will get a laugh out of them.
This comic though is about Betty & Veronica. They do end up face to face and Betty is ready to rip off the cool calm Veronica’s face. Things are heating up in the town of Riverdale.
Chapter Four: Josie and the Puss ycats # 1
This first issue has Josie singing and maybe getting ready to start her own band.
Melody Jose’s roommate is illustrated as looking kind of plain. Just an average blonde girl. She is shown not to bright but with a big heart.
Valerie works at an animal shelter and she can sing and sing fantastic. She is drawn so well.
There are lots of sexual references here. Surprising to see in an Archie comic. The brief appearance of Jughead and Hotdog was cool.
Melody it is mentioned has a female father. It is fine that Archie comics wants to be more prolific in gay matters but they should not over due it.
Josie learns that for a band to be good it has to be a band and not just her. This is a great start for this all new updated version of Josie and the Puss ycats. The Puss ycats Rock!
Chapter Five: Reggie and Me # 1
This issue is narrated by Vader. Yes Vader is Reggie’s dog. Reggie is shown as a stuck up guy but one in some ways you will pity. He just wants people to love him. His way of dealing with rejection does paint him as a creep or jerk at times. He does not deal well at all with being upstaged either.
Reggie is not all bad he adopted a rescue dog. He did so for the companionship.
Reggie and Archie do have a relationship it is just not a good one.
Reggie and his dog Vader make a awesome dynamic duo.
Special Features: Riverdale Cover Gallery
The Riverdale One Shot cover art it is dark. The humor aspect of Archie is not here. You do see some love and happiness it is just not jumping out at you.
Riverdale Show: Photo Gallery
Here you have photos from the upcoming Riverdale TV series.
Lili Reinhart looks gorgeous as Betty Cooper in her Riverdale High cheerleading uniform. A beautiful clean cut face and sexy legs.
Luke Perry as Fred Andrews is certainly looking different.
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones does have to right look.
Plus more pictures from the upcoming series. It is one you will not want to miss.

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