RICH REVIEWS: RetroFan # 1 Summer 2018

Title: RetroFan # 1 Summer 2018
Publisher: John Morrow
Contributors: John Cimino, Michael Eury, Ernest Farino, Andy Mangels, Martin Pasko, Scott Saavedra, Scott Shaw!, Tom Stewart
Price: $ 8.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Hulk Speaks!” Lou Ferrigno interviewed by Michael Eury. Lou Ferrigno was the Incredible Hulk. The interview is a long one and goes in depth so you will learn all about Lou Ferrigno.
“The Legends and Lore of the Incredible Hulk, Stretch Armstrong, and the Mego Elastic Superheroes” by John “The Mega Stretch Hulk” Cimino. The Incredible Hulk stretch figure looks great and is very collectible.
“Ghost Who Stumbles: The Phantom Phollies of Philmland” by Martin Pasko. Here you can learn all about the Phantom. The Phantom has appeared in comics, movies, cartoons and TV shows.
:Star Trek: The Animated Series” by Andy Mangels. All you ever wanted to know about the Star Trek animated series and than some.
“I Met the Wolf Man! (and lived to tell about it) by Ernest Farino. Lots of talk about old style horror movies here. Ernest Farino has met a lot of big stars in the horror industry and one was Lon Chaney.
“Mr. Microphone” by Michael Eury. The Mr. Microphone was for anyone who fancied themselves a singer.
“Mayberry Lives!: Andy Griffith’s Hometown” by Michael Eury. The town of “Mayberry” is a lovely place to visit, Mount Airy is a charming place.
“Meet Thelma Lou: An Interview with Betty Lynn” by Michael Eury. Betty Lynn was a very talented actress. This interview is so well done and brings across the love people have for the Andy Griffith Show and its actors.
“Original Andy Griffith Show Collectibles: The Scarcity of Mayberry Licensing in the Sixties” by Michael Eury. There was not a lot of collectibles from the show.
“Oddball Comics: Zody the Mod Rob # 1” by Scott Shaw! Zody was definitely an odd looking comic and there were others.
“Too Much Stuff and Too Little Time: Collecting Collections” by Tom Stewart. Tom does have one huge collection of stuff that you have to see to believe. Comics, toys, books, posters and more he has it all.
If you love retro stuff this is for you. You will enjoy reliving memories of yesteryear. All presented in a fun interesting and easy to read fashion.

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