RICH REVIEWS: Resurrection Men # 1

Title: Resurrection Men # 1
Publisher: Nicholas Stephen Paul
Story & Letters: N.S. Paul
Art by: R. Donald
Price: free online
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: A man dies and is brought back. A company Resurrection Industries controls this ability. There is a dark side to them.
The art is soft and smooth looking. The colors are softly done. More detail was needed in the art.
Jude was saved and his father was there when it happened. Now the company wants Jude back to use against his dad James. They want James working for them. James has a special gift they plan to use.
Things needed to be explained better. Why is this business doing what it is? What do they have to gain? How can they tell which people have the gift of resurrection? So many questions that need answers.
The story moves along so slowly, other than the dad loving his son there is nothing else memorable that happens.
Who are those people they show at the end? What do they have to do with anything?
The idea of being able to bring people back from the dead so they can live again is an amazing ability.

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