RICH REVIEWS: Renegade: Martin Luthor The Graphic Biography

Title: Renegade: Martin Luthor The Graphic Biography
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Writer: Andrrea Grosso Ciponte
Artist: Dacia Palmerino
Price: $ 19.95 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: The life of reformer Martin Luther in graphic novel format.
“In Dark Times” The art style is pastel but with details in the art. Here Martin begins his studies. Learning Latin is one of them.
“The Lightning Bolt” Martin continues his education. A bolt of lightning hits a tree splitting it and provides some beautifully done illustrations of the tree. Here Martin makes up his mind to become a monk and in 1507 he becomes a priest.
“The Monk in Rome” Martin goes to Rome and visits all the holy relics there. The art illustrates these relics as items that your attention will be drawn to.
“The Freedom of Faith” Next Luthor becomes his monastery’s preacher, he is rising in the church ranks. He starts to get more insight into what it is he is seeking.
“Money in the Coffers” This chapter focuses on Indulgences. These are the churches way of collecting money. They are basically worthless pieces of paper and Luthor and he is willing to speak out about it.
“Face to Face with the Emperor” Luther is stubborn and risks it all to stick by his beliefs. He does not back down at all.
“In Hiding” Luther as he is hidden away finds the passage of time boring. The illustration of the devil here presents the devil as one sexy female. Luther does rewrite the New Testament in German, he did it for the common people.
“The Morning Star of Wittenberg” The art is so impressive throughout this book. Little things pop out at you as you will be amazed at the quality you see. Luther takes a big step in his life he marries Katharina a nun.
“Their Blood Is on My Hands” Change seems to always have violence with it. People will fight for what they believe in whether it is right or not. Two faith’s now existed the Roman Catholic Church and the new Lutheran faith.
“A Beggar’s Farewell” Luther speaks out against the Jews. The writing brings across how much Luther hates them. As Luther passes he reflects on himself as a beggar with faith.
“Epilogue: Augsburg, 1555” Luther Martin won the Protestant faith was recognized as a religion in the Holy Roman Empire.
This book provides a faithful rendition of Martin Luther’s life trough gorgeous art and wonderfully delivered words.

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