Title: Reggie and Me (TPB)
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story by: Tom DeFalco
Art by: Sandy Jarrell
Coloring by: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Lettering: Jack Morelli
Cover: Sandy Jarrell, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Price: $ 17.99 US, $ 19.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic collects the five-issue series of Reggie and Me.
This comic is narrated by Vader. Yes, Vader is Reggie’s dog. Reggie is shown as a stuck up guy but one in some ways you will pity. He just wants people to love him. His way of dealing with rejection does paint him as a creep or jerk at times. He does not deal well at all with being upstaged either.
Reggie is not all bad he adopted a rescue dog. He did so for the companionship.
Reggie and Archie do have a relationship it is just not a good one.
Reggie and his dog Vader make an awesome dynamic duo.
Here we look at Reggie and Archie’s relationship. It turns out Betty has been egging Reg on for most of their lives. She has been taunting him. Betty is responsible in part for how Reggie treats others. Betty is a big part of why Reggie is the way he is. She is not all Miss Nice.
The art is more realistic than the classic style of Archie comics.
Reggie now is definitely not Mr. Nice guy. We see the hatching of a plan that will cause trouble for all involved. Reggie is a mean guy. He is just misguided and has never had the support that others have.
The way Vader Reggie’s dog narrates the story gives it a unique and fun style.
Having the dog Vader narrating the story never gets old. Vader sees things differently than most others do. He sees things as his master Reggie would like them to be.
Reggie and Moose have a sort of friendship going. Reggie now has plans and they involve him and Midge being together. He is always scheming.
Having Vader start to question Reggie’s judgment and then retracting it does show his loyalty to Reggie. One creature does love Reggie besides Reggie.
The art is actually very good showcasing these characters.
This issue we learn a lot about Moose Mason. He is not everything you think he is and he is a lot more than you think he is.
Reggie has a plan. He is trying to get everything he wants and get rid of what he does not want. So far so good but you just know something will end up not going as planned. Betty it seems is looking out for Archie still.
Vader Reggie’s dog is a cute little thing. He is very supportive of Reggie. Here is this story is the first time he has disagreed with Reggie.
Wow, you will not believe the turn this story takes with Moose. You have got to see this for yourself.
Reggie tries too hard to be a bad guy. He has no need to be. Vader loves him. Some girls like him. He has money, a car, and looks. He should be happy. He always wants more though.
Vader is the best dog in comics today.
Reggie is showing so much concern over his dog Vader. Most people think Reggie has no emotions well here we see that is wrong.
The three guys that beat up Reggie well they are in a football game against Reggie’s friend Moose. You know as the game starts the three guys should run.
As the story goes on you get a feeling of dread. Your heart will go out to Vader who is one hundred percent loyal to Reggie. You will also feel sorry for Reggie.
Betty shows some character as we see her treating Reggie as he deserves. It is not what you think either.
Aw, if this story does not bring a tear to your eye you must be dead. Seeing Reggie in such a vulnerable state and so caring you realize he is not so different than the other teens.
Archie and the gang really do come together for Reggie. Betty as well and we see Reggie and Betty well maybe something might be starting with them. Anything is possible in Riverdale.
There is bonus material as well. Also, Your Pal Archie # 1 is included. The super-hero pin-up of Reggie does show just how heroic he is.

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