RICH REVIEWS: Red White & Wasted

An unapologetic look at race, class, and polarized politics manifest themselves in unexpected and very messy ways in director Andrei Bowden-Schwartz and Sam B. Jones’ Red White & Wasted, coming this September from Dark Star Pictures.

Red White & Wasted follows a family of mudding enthusiasts as the last mudhole in Orlando, Florida goes up in flames and they are forced to reconsider their way of life in a city that doesn’t have room for them anymore.

Featuring an original score from The Blair Brothers (Green Room, Blue Ruin), Red White & Wasted debuted to widespread critical praise when it debuted at Tribeca.

Red White & Wasted premieres in select theaters September 11 and will be available On Demand September 22.


Directed by:
Sam Jones
Andrei Bowden Schwartz

Matthew Burns … Self

Produced by:
Ryland Aldrich … consulting producer
Rod Blackhurst … executive producer
Evan Buxbaum … Consulting Producer
Alex Cirillo … co-producer
Noah Lang … producer
Dani Faith Leonard … co-producer
Steve Petchenik … co-producer

Running Time: 1 hr., 29 min.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Website: , ,
Comments: This is a documentary about Mudding starring Matthew Burns aka Video Pat as himself. The story takes place in Orlando, Florida.
Pat makes a living collecting scrap metal and dumpster diving along with his family. Krista is Pat’s daughter. She is gorgeous. Jessi’s Pat’s other daughter. She is cute. The film does let you meet all of Pat’s friends. He and they are Rednecks and most do own pick-up trucks.
They do have some wild parties.
Drugs, tattoos, guns, and Trump and mistreating others goes on between the Rednecks.
Pat does care about his family yet he is not ready to make any changes in his life to be with them more.
After the first thirty minutes, this movie starts to drag on. You have seen all the characters and they are just hanging out living a normal life for them. Things like why Pat is no longer with his ex-wife Trixie are just skipped over. Overall they are a happy family.
Wow, the racist comments here are only for a short time but they are too much.
Watching the monster trucks going through a huge mud hole is entertaining. People have fun and it is fun to watch. There are lots and lots of sexy girls flashing T&A at the night time party and lots of sexual touching.
Pat’s daughter Jessi has a seizure and this is glossed over next to no time is spent on it.
There is some beautiful countryside shown.
Pat does do the best he can with what he has.

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