Title: Red Range (GN)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Creator & Writer: Joe R. Lansdale
Illustrator: Sam J. Glanzman
Colorists: Jorge Blanco & Jok
Letterer: Douglas Potter
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The KKK is shown at its worst torturing and raping blacks just because of their skin color. The KKK are a sick group that uses numbers and weapons to abuse blacks.
The Red Mask appears and justice is meted out. This black man fights for his kinds rights.
Batiste leads the KKK. He hates black people. The ‘N’ word is used and other names that should not be to describe black people. Batiste well he actually does have a good reason to hate blacks.
The Red Mask’s origin is explained and he wants revenge for the wrongs done to him. He deserves it too.
This book does bring across the feelings and situations that did occur in the old west as regards white and black people.
Batiste gets a hunting party together and goes out hunting Red Mask and the boy he saved. As the chase goes on Red Mask aka Caleb finds a cave with dinosaurs. This is a lost world filled with wonders.
The art throughout has a rough tough look which definitely suits the story.
Caleb and the boy are just starting their adventures in this hidden world inside ours.
The subject explored in this book of racism is still as relevant today as it was in 1999 when this was first written.
“I Could Eat A Horse” is written and drawn by Sam J. Glanzman. This black and white story has no words to it but the art does deliver a message. The buzzards here do get to eat well.

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