RICH REVIEWS: Real Life Super Heroes

Title: Real Life Super Heroes (paperback book)
Publisher: Dundurn
Author: Nadia Fezzani
Cover Image: Phoenix Jones, Photo by Peter Tangen
Price: $ 22.99 US, £13.99 UK
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “My First Superheroes”
Nadia does have trouble getting in touch with Phoenix Jones but eventually does. We learn a small amount about a few of these RLSH. They do it to help others.
For some reason, some other RLSH do not seem to like Phoenix Jones. He does go out to stop real crimes. He does not do charity work as a lot of other RLSH do. Phoenix Jones is a crime fighter.
“Superheroes Anonymous”
Nadia while doing research for this book went to several meetings. Most of the RLSH had a troubled childhood. Now they are being positive and helping others. They try to give the help they needed and did not get to others.
“The Online Community”
This chapter is about Phoenix Jones and whether or not you’re on his side or not. Most RLSH were not. He was in an altercation in which he may or may not have acted wrongly.
The supervillains will at times act as the policing force for the super-heroes. They make sure the super-heroes act as super-heroes should and are expected to.
Thanatos proves that just being there for someone can make a difference. Thanatos is a super-hero who cares about the people and does what he can to help. This guy is what RLSH’s are meant to be.
“Phoenix Jones – Part I”
Here Nadia seems to get an idea of what it means to be an RLSH. She does get to interview and ride along with PJ on a patrol. PJ is not a police officer nor is his team, they do cooperate with the police though and always act to help others.
Here we meet Motor Mouth who leads the Pacific Protectorate. He is a teacher and has CPR, first aid training, and AED training. This chapter has some great photos of RLSH’s, Thanatos looks amazing.
“Xtreme Justice League”
Mr. Xtreme tells us about how victims of crimes, while they happen, can and are ignored. Mr. Xtreme is also a member of the Guardian Angels. Nadia as she meets these RLSH’s and goes on patrols with them she learns what they are all about.
“Phoenix Jones – Part II” Phoenix Jones has a wife and children. He is a normal guy who has a calling to help others. He does charity work like feeding the homeless so it is not all about fighting crime. Here Nadia takes a much closer look at Phoenix Jones childhood and his situation growing up and how it helped to make him the person he now is.
“Salt Lake City”
Here Nadia meets and patrols with more RLSH’s. She also meets with super villains. The villains are not really villains.
Nadia did face danger while on patrols, her life was put in jeopardy. She continued on and finished this book obviously. From her writing you know she did get an understanding of the RLSH’s and their mission.
You get a cute little surprise at the end of the book.

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