RICH REVIEWS: Ravage # 1

Title: Ravage # 1
Publisher: Cautionary Comics
Writers: Chuck Dixon, Benjamin L Henderson
Artist: Jimbo Salgado
Colorist: Bryan Arfel Magnaye
Letterer: Eric Weathers
Cover: Jimbo Salgado
Variant Covers: Geebo Vigonte, Graham Nolan & Gregory Wright
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two men, Manuel Mendez aka Manny aka Doc and Randall Gunn aka Randy are two tough men. Doc hires Randy to help him find a Panthera. They are heading toward an Island. The crash is exciting as they do make a landing which they barely survive.
The two men as they put to use their survival skills are met by a tribe of women living on this Island. The Island is populated by women warriors only. Randy calls it Heaven. It may well be but only if you enjoy being a slave to their Matriarch, Queen Spain.
This comic does play out like a movie an old style grade B movie. Two strong virile men find a tribe of beautiful Amazonian women.
Well these women do outnumber the men and the women are all armed with ancient weapons. They are all fighting warrior women as well. So what will our two men do? Enjoy themselves until they realize just how much danger they are in.
The art could be more focused at times.
Doc and Randy are both highly trained fighters. Doc is more cautious and Randy more wanting sex. These two are going to have their hands full literally with these women warriors.

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