RICH REVIEWS: Rapid City Below Zero # 1

Title: Rapid City Below Zero # 1
Publisher: Monolith
Written by: Josh Dahl
Art by: Shawn Langley
Cover by: Micah Faulkner
Lettered by: Kyle Kaminski
Price; $ .99 US (online), $ 3.00 US (printed)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Icicle and Piledriver are trapped underground betrayed by Coil their criminal leader.
A young girl gets trapped in a children’s snow fort. How does this tie in with the super villains? Aw, she is Icicle as a child. She did not have a great childhood.
Here we see Piledriver push himself to save them. He fights on to save Icicle. His attitude comes through that he does not give up. Icicle, as they break free, has one thought in mind. Coil is going to pay and pay dearly.
The art is good in its black and white. It could use more detail and better poses though.
Piledriver and Icicle together works and they start here at the start of a beautiful team of two.

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