RICH REVIEWS: Puppet Master: Vacancy # 19

puppet_master_19_b_williams_cover-rgb-solicitTitle: Puppet Master: Vacancy # 19
Publisher: Action Lab: Danger Zone
Created by: Charles Band
Writer: Shawn Gabborin
Artist: Marco David Carillo
Colorist: Yann Perrelet
Regular Cover: Dan Olvera
Variant Covers: Kelly Williams, Glenn Lumsden, Andrew Mangum
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The story is jumping around way to much.
The puppets are out doing more killing. There is no reason though given for it.
Andre Toulon joins a community where people are treated as people. Race, gender, orientation does not matter here. They are also all into puppets. Puppets that can come to life.
The story jumps around to much making it hard to follow. Things are not explained enough for you to know what and why things are happening.
The art looks good and dark. It suits the style of the story and the characters.
The community comes across as a place for insane people that love puppets.

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