RICH REVIEWS: Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 “The Creature”

puppet_master_halloween_1989-digital-2Title: Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 “The Creature”
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Writer: Shawn Gabborin
Artist: Daniel J. Logan
Colorist: Dan Olvera
Vintage Cover Artist: Shawn Atkins
Kill Cover Artist:
Kill Cover Colors: Gene Jimenez
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: One ugly red demon enters the hotel where the puppets live.
The art is pasty. Its hard to make out lots of details.
The demon quickly finds out he picked the wrong place. After a while you start to feel sorry for this demon. His agony does go on for a long time.
There is not a word spoken as the story goes on just a few sounds, groins of pain.
Than the surprise twist hits you. You still feel sorry for the poor guy. Also a little for the puppets.
Sneaking in on the puppets is never a good idea, ever. we see how efficient they are at their craft.
Halloween with them if your a friendly is fine if you are not well..

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