RICH REVIEWS: Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman # 1

Title: Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman # 1
Publisher: Pulp Girls
Created by: Jason Martin
Written & Colored by: Jason Martin
Additional Colors by: Geraldo Filho
Artwork by: Marco Maccagni
Lettered by: Jerome Gagnon with Justin Birch
Price: $ 15.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Swiss Army Woman is the hero of the Swiss government. She lost a leg but gained a weapon with so many accessories. This blonde bombshell is gorgeous and ready to jump into action. We do get a number of cute panty shots.
The story, of course, takes place in Switzerland. It is illustrated with nice scenic countryside images and quint buildings.
Swiss Army Woman is on a mission first must make her way through angry chocolate beasts. Her Swiss Army Knife leg is one powerful weapon with a machine gun and flame thrower and so much more. She takes on a whole army of these creatures as they are relentless.
Than Barn Von Nanobot makes his appearance. He is a villain and he does put up a fight. He kind of will remind you of Dr. Doom.
This little adventure was all in a day’s work for Swiss Army Woman. The comic is done in fun and it is fun to read and see. Swiss Army Woman is a super-hero for the Swiss and for you.

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