RICH REVIEWS: Prince in Comics

Title: Prince in Comics (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Writer: Tony Lourenco
Art: Joël Alessandra, Céheu, Christopher, Samir Dahmani, Anne Defréville, Samuel Figuière, Baudouin Forget, Noémie Honein, Kongkee, Yvan Ojo, Christelle Pécout, Barrack Rima, Toru Terada, Léah Touitou, Martin Trystram, Yumbo
Cover: Christopher
Text Chapters: Nicolas Finet
Graphic Design: Romain Nelis
Translation: Montana Kane
Lettering by: Ortho
Price: $ 27.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “1960s Way Up North” Prince Rogers Nelson grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here we get a look at what it was like for young Prince growing up. We also see where his love for music came from.
“The 1970s Andre and Me” Here Prince meets a friend who shares his passion for music. Prince in a band starts to shine.
“1975 – 1978 The Gift of Music” Prince decides he is better off on his own so leaves the band. He studies in a music studio learning all he can. He knows what he wants and is going all out to achieve it.
“1977 – 1978 The Art of Standing Your Ground” Prince does it all to make an album he is the composer, arranger, songwriter, and producer plus he plays 27 different instruments. He works so hard and everything he puts on his shoulders.
“1979 – 1980 A Star is Born” Prince’s albums may have not started out doing good but his stage performances were stunning. They made his career.
The art throughout this book is drawn to show the characters in a realistic light.
“1980 – 1983 Sex, Etc.” Prince starts to be accepted and recognized for just how great he is. Plus Prince himself just keeps pushing himself. Sex seems to be a big part of his stage shows.
“1984 Revolution Under a Purple Rain” Prince wants a movie about him so he gets it made. It is a huge success and has won many awards.
“1985 – 1989 Jammin’ with Sheila” Prince meets Sheila E. They do form a relationship as both love music. Prince though can not settle on just one woman. Sheila E. would have been great for him but he only gets her part-time.
“1986 – 1987 Paisley Park” Prince has his place built like a temple to music. Prince’s home is a masterpiece and perfect for him to create music.
“1987 – 1988 Consecration: Sign O’ the Times” Prince does put on an unannounced show. One man does go all out to see it and does not care about the price or inconvenience to get to it.
“1989 Prince and the Movies: Batman” Prince worked on the soundtrack for Tim Burton’s Batman. His work led to an album being produced which was a hit.
“1981 Diamonds and Pearls” The New Power Generation worked well with Prince. Everyone moves on though. Prince did too, he was unstoppable.
“1992 – 1997 Tough Times…” Prince meets Mayte Garcia the love of his life and mother of his child. Prince suffers a loss here that changes his life forever.
“1998 – 2000 …and Rebirth” Prince does reinvent himself or rather the way he delivers his music. No more albums through record companies. His Glam Slam shows with sexually provocative. Prince starts to embrace the new technology available.
“2001 – 2002 As God is My Witness…” Prince becomes a Jehovah’s Witness and gets the spirituality he thinks he needs. This causes many changes in his life.
“2004 – 2006 The Comeback” The comeback Prince has is done differently as so many things with him are. It is a huge success.
“2007 The Greatest Show in the World” Prince puts on a show at the Super Bowl and what a show it is. The weather itself teams up with Prince to deliver a show-stopper of a show.
“2009 Prince Producer” Prince spends time producing and composing. He helped a lot of musicians to succeed. Prince always seemed to know what he was doing.
“2013 – 2015 3RDEYEGIRL” Prince produced an all-girl band. The man never stops and he knows what he is doing. The man was a genius.
“2016 The End of All Songs” Prnce may no longer be among the living yet his music will live forever.

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