RICH REVIEWS: Powers Squared # 9

Title: Powers Squared # 9
Publisher: Powers Squared
Created by: David Hankins, Paul Hankins, Trevor Hankins
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Edited by: Paul Hankins
Pencil, Inks and Cover by: Rachel Wells
Colors by: Nina Gaillard
Lettering by: Trevor Hankins
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: There are some mysterious robberies going on. The twins Marty and Eli Powers are on the job trying to catch the thief. There is a lot more going on here than just one ordinary thief. The two twins are like the Hardy Boy detectives just with powers and stranger cases. These two brothers do find themselves involved in a lot of extra curricular activities.
The story does flow along smoothly with not a lot of hard hitting action but rather a nice slow moving flow to it. The art does show off the characters in a nice normal way for the most part. The few times though that the Powers Twins use their powers the effect is well drawn.
The villain does come across as a villain just not an overly evil one.
The story is low key. The art is as well. The two boys they work well together. The way the characters intermingle with each other is amazing and so well written.

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