RICH REVIEWS: Powers Squared # 20

Title: Powers Squared # 20
Publisher: SRCC Press
Created by: David Hankins, Paul Hankins, Trevor Hankins
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Edited by: Paul Hankins
Pencil, Inks, and Cover by: Rachel Wells
Colors by: Julia Canon
Lettering by: Trevor Hankins
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Marty and Eli are looking forward to spring break. Eli we see is in love with Jennifer his girlfriend. These two are all lovey-dovey.
The boys find themselves working with Agent Red Rivers on a matter of National Security. The boys are recruited. It does seem odd that the government would use them instead of its resources. Even with their powers, they are still just schoolboys.
Marty we see is in a serious relationship with Mocha. Both boys are teens interested in the opposite sex.
The mission the government gives Marty and Eli is serious yet they seem to be clowning around some about it. The way the mission goes there seems to be something fishy going on.
The art style has lots of details. The colors stand out. The characters are between realistic and cartoon.
The story does not have much excitement other than the twins making out with their girlfriends. The Weapon of Mass Destruction was a letdown. There was a little mystery that made the story interesting.
The twin’s attitude is too cavalier. They have powers yet they are treated and act like ordinary teens. The reader needs to know they are special. The one is dating a magical fox yet their time together shows the reader a couple making out only.
Marty and Eli are two special twins who will have you caught in their magical personalities when they are done right.

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