RICH REVIEWS: Powers Squared # 13

Title: Powers Squared # 13
Publisher: SRCC Press
Created by: David Hankins, Paul Hankins, Trevor Hankins
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Edited by: Paul Hankins
Pencil, Inks, and Cover by: Rachel Wells
Colors by: Julia Canon
Lettering by: Trevor Hankins
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Marty and Eli it seems are not getting along well. Then to complicate matters Marty has another twin. Marty and Eli are twins and now Marty has another one acting as if he is him. Now he is causing trouble for Marty. This all seems to tie in with Marty’s girlfriend Quincy.
The Powers boys are facing more and more danger from the Convincer and a shapeshifter. These two are after the twins and they are getting to them. Marty finds out that the shapeshifter has been up to a lot more than he knew.
The art is done to make the characters look normal as everyday people. Every once in a while though something happens so you know Marty and Eli plus some of the people they know are not so ordinary.
Eli and his girlfriend Jennifer spend some alone time together and they do bond more. They make a great couple.
The comic has drama and there is a lot of interaction between all the characters.

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