RICH REVIEWS: Potions, Inc

Title: Potions, Inc (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Comics
Written by: Erik Burnham
Art by: Stelladia
Cover by: Natasha Alterici
Letters by: Micah Myers
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This collects issues #1- 5.
A father narrates a magical tale to his daughter as a bedtime story. Kanavin Goras is a very smart man who wants magic used freely in the land. The story changes here to Ran.
Ran is a daydreamer and has no focus on his life. He wants something yet has no idea what it is. He has found a pendant that has great power which he does not know how to use.
This world does have magic yet it is sparingly used. Then a pendant is stolen so Ran, Astreus, and Asteria the three siblings must retrieve it. The three of them are going on an adventure of a lifetime.
The pacing of the story is low-key. Things move along yet slowly with not much excitement. The art is not overly detailed. It does bring across the characters’ personalities well. You do start to care a little about the characters. A little more about them would help the reader to care more about them. Plus knowing more about what this pendant is capable of doing would be nice.
Here we see the start of what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. These three siblings especially Ran have the opportunity to step up and do something. Will he have what it takes? Can he stop the evil to be unleashed?
So Ran, Astreus, and Asteria end up in Seattle in 1992. Here the three of them blend in with the local scenery and residents. They get ready to continue their search. There is magic in this world too. They just need to tap into it and use it. Some fun situations occur as they travel around. Some not-so-fun ones too.
Special Agent Geneva Garcia is an FBI agent and she gets involved with these travelers. She knows about the place they come from, Primaterra.
The lettering is done badly as it is smudged at times and in others, it is missing part of the ink. The art is done in a simple easy style. At times though it is too barren. The story is starting to add drama to it.
An evil Mage wants the Fordstone for evil purposes. He is powered up and ready to fight. The fate of all magic on Earth is at stake and so are the twins’ lives Ran, Geneva, and her dad are going to need to be the heroes that are needed to save it all. Things are going faster as we race to the final confrontation.
Ran and Gen are going to face this Mage Goras in a showdown with the planet Earth’s magic as the prize.
The ending to this adventure which is continuing is really just the beginning. Ran and Gen will make great partners. The adventure is never over.

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