RICH REVIEWS: Political Power: Justin Trudeau # 1

Title: Political Power: Justin Trudeau # 1
Publisher: Tidalwave Comics
Writer: Michael Frizell
Pencils: Bernat
Editor: Darren G. Davis
Colors: Bernat
Cover: Bernat
Variant Cover: Pablo Martinena
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is featured in this issue.
Bernet brings out the natural and wondrous beauty of Canada’s landscape.
This comic does give us a look at Justin growing up and how he was influenced by his father. There is emotion conveyed here for Justin’s father as he is laid to rest. Justin’s father was a good and caring man.
Justin’s family life as a child was not easy. Then later on losing his brother.
Wow, the writing here is so emotional as it delivers a look at how Justin looks at things. Justin being a teacher affects the way he handles all situations. Justin does want others to succeed and his country as well.
Justin and his family are so important to him. All of his family have influenced his life. Justin is presented here as a man yet one with a way of looking to the future. He has an agenda to make the people and country of his better.

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