RICH REVIEWS: Plants vs Humans

Title: Plants vs Humans (PB)
Publisher: Robert Arnold Kay
Arthur: Robert Arnold Kay
Pages: 422
Price: $ 10.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: There are a lot of descriptive words used here. At the start of this book, you will have your imagination boosted. There is talk of lots of conspiracy theories and the one focused on is about alien planet beings.
The story starts slowly then gets into the aliens and spaceship. This is told interestingly. We slowly learn about what is going on. The person narrating does not say their name just that he is a military reporter. They are a part of the investigation though.
Lots of times what is going on is not explained well enough to follow the story yet overall as you proceed you will be able to understand what is happening. The use of the alien’s language makes it impossible to understand what they are saying.
Tannin and Aidan and their interaction with the intelligent plants is entertaining. Also, it can be frightening to think that this could happen. The Tannin and Anechka and Aiden and Annechka are each developing a working relationship with each other and also perhaps more.
Pennyroyal has and it is up to two super carrots and two marshals to get him back. He knows what is going on. So other beings want him out of the picture. Can our team of four save him?
There is a lot of detail used in describing what is going on and it is not always done in a manner that makes it clearly understood. Some things that are going on are never fully explained. There are really good descriptions of items or people/beings yet when it comes to what exactly they are doing a lot of the time this area is lacking and you are left to try to fill in the blanks.
Then the ending leaves you wondering is this the end? It does become faster paced which works well with the storytelling and there is hard fighting, plus sacrifices. This shows humans and plants can work together against threats to both.
If you love thrilling sci-fi with action and excitement mixed with drama this is for you.
Plants vs Humans be careful which one you bet on.

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