Title: Pizza Tree
Publisher: Arcana/Artistacomics
Written by: Chase & Mark Poulon
Art & Letters by: Ryan Onorato
Layouts by: Mark Poulon
Price: $9.95 US/ $12.95 Canadian
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is an all ages/children’s hardcover book.
We get to meet the Poulon family, Chase and his parents Mark and Chrissy. The story is set up nicely in the first couple of pages.
The art is done in soft colors. The drawings are in a style perfect for young readers.
The story progresses smoothly and Chase finds himself with a pizza tree. That is definitely something that you do not see. Of course having a tree that grows pizza is great at first. Than the horror part of this story slowly kicks in and builds ever so slowly, than the momentum kicks in faster.
P’Thulhu and the Pizza Tree are a wonderful creation from the minds of Chase and Mark. They have brought these characters to life.
After reading this book you may never look at pizza the same again.

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