RICH REVIEWS: Pitiful Human-Lizard # 14

Title: Pitiful Human-Lizard # 14
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Creator/Story/Art/Cover: Jason Loo
Colour Assists: Meaghan Carter
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lady Accident in “Johnny’s Back!” It is always wonderful to see the super-heroes and villains acting as ordinary people. Lady Accident is shown in her day job as a teacher and the Frustrated Four are shown hanging out talking not so much as evil but just not so nice.
Bodyrocks the strong guy of the Frustrated Four it turns out is really a nice guy now. He used to be mean and a bad guy but he has gotten better. You will feel for him.
Bodyrock or Johnny decides to leave the Frustrated Four and Lady Accident gives him a hand. It is wonderful seeing Johnny changing becoming a better person.
The Human-Lizard had the night off as he enjoyed a well deserved date.
This comic is different from your normal super-hero one. Here you always get to see that super-heroes are human too just like you and me.

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