RICH REVIEWS: Pine and Merrimac # 2

Title: Pine and Merrimac # 2
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Created by: Kyle Starks and Fran Galan
Written by: Kyle Starks
Illustrated by: Fran Galan
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Cover by: Fran Galan
Variant Covers by: Rebeca Puebla, Fran Galan, Tula Lotay
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Linnea and Parker are searching for a missing girl who could be on a mysterous Island. So of course they go there. This husband and wife team do work smoothly together. You can tell they are in love.
The Island was a storage place for white slavery. Yet it becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on here.
The art looks great as we see this married team in action it is just like watching a TV detective series unfolding.
Linnea is the brains of the two and Parker is the mucles and both have big hearts. Parker does get to smash and bash a few heads so there is some action. Linnea is the one that holds the reins on him.
The story moves along smoothly overall though the book is a bit slow. If they were real live actors this would be much better.
The mystery of what exactly is going on is intriguing. It is way beyond just white slavery. What exactly it is though will have you guessing, so your interest will be peaked.

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