RICH REVIEWS: Pedoman and Kid Friendly # 1

Title: Pedoman and Kid Friendly # 1
Publisher: Cutthroat Comics
Writer: Josh Nealis
Artist: Cristiano Reina
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments:  We look in on an eccentric scientist. This scientist is crazy as his experiment goes on. He is creating a Pop Icon to end all Pop Icons. It is the year 1997 and these icons he is combining are relevant then.
So eighteen years later we look in on the man who as a teen was injected by the scientist. Things do take a strange turn for him. What does Ralph Macchio have to do with all of this?
The story is kind of weird and funny in a gross pathetic way.
This comic does need more of a direction. Yes Pedoman tries saving a pet so he is heroic.
The generic handling of the characters and surroundings does not lead to humor just not getting you as involved with the characters as it should.
The art does look amazing and illustrates Pedoman as a hero.

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