RICH REVIEWS: Peculiar Woods

Title: Peculiar Woods (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Story & Art by: Andres J. Colmenares
Price: $ 12.99 US, $ 16.99 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Iggie is moving in with his Mother Jill after living with his aunt. The art does illustrate the countryside of Pecular Woods as a lovely place. The drawings are simple and the coloring is gorgeously done.
Iggie does go out at night and this is the start of an adventure for him. Things are definitely peculiar things in the woods around Pecular Woods. They are not just in the woods either but everywhere Iggie goes.
Iggie’s first day at his new school is not without trouble. More join Iggie’s adventure. They just keep popping out at him. This story does have some weird characters showing up. Iggie and these weird characters become friends as they go on their adventure to the Sunken City. This grouping of characters has never been done before. They are something new and exciting and totally different from anything you have ever seen.
The villains in this story are just as strange as the heroes. For real you will not believe it when you see them.
This is a younger audience book but certainly readers of any age can and should enjoy this.
The ending of this book is more or less what one would expect and what the readers deserve. Iggie and all those he encounters on his adventure are characters that this book brings to life. Iggie learns so much on his adventure and makes lots of new friends.
This book just tells this story so beautifully.

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