RICH REVIEWS: Overstreet Price Guide to Batman

Title: Overstreet Price Guide to Batman
Publisher: Gemstone Publishing
By: Carrie Wood, Amanda Sheriff & Robert M. Overstreet
Contributing Writers: Braelynn Bowersox, Art Cloos, Mark Huesman, Rob Hughes, and J.C. Vaughn
Layout & Design: Mark Huesman
Editors: Braelynn Bowersox, Amanda Sheriff, J.C. Vaughn, Carrie Wood
Price: $ 30.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Batman is in all forms of the entertainment industry; comics, books, cartoons, movies, TV shows, action figures, clothing and tons more merchandise. He is an iconic figure.
Over his long years, he has become a world-recognized figure. He started out on his own and over the years so many characters both good and evil were added to his mystique.
There is a huge listing of Batman comics and comics he appears in which includes all of them. It goes on for pages and pages. Lots of the covers are pictured.
All the lovely pictures show us the actors who played Batman and his supporting cast. We also get to see Bob Kane and Bill Finger the creators of Batman. Plus we get a list of the main people who helped to make the Batman comics what they were.
Batman has spawned a huge variety of characters. So many heroes and so many villains. Batman has gone through many changes over the years and so have his cast of characters. This magazine is so much more than just a listing of comics. It does inform you.
There is so much merchandise that has been created around Batman everything you could think of. This includes lots and lots of video games. Who does not want to be the Dark Knight and in these video games one can be.
The listings are long and they can drag on a little.
This is a must-have for any Batman collector whether you collect comics, lunch boxes, games, or anything to do with Batman you will find it here in these pages.

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